She’s the only girl who’s mind I can read
Making her easy to please
I know exactly what she needs
To run my fingers down her spine
To pay close attention to every line
She eagerly spreads open for me
My fingers hold her by her bottom
Her tail
This is how I hold her so our love won’t fail
Our love heats up, close to 450 degrees
Not a degree above
That’s when she’ll burn and leave
Sometimes she’s thick
Sometimes she’s slim
Yes I’m guilty of judging her by what’s under the cover
Sometimes I ditch her for another
But I always return
They call her brothel a library
We’ve done this before
Not like the Virgin Mary
In fact sometimes she’s dressed in scarlet
My harlot
She does tricks and flips for me
Even though she’s so open
she’s still a mystery
I didn’t see this climax
Yet it’s coming



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