In time

People say want things that last forever
Forgetting that forever includes time
And time has a way of changing things forever
What happens when the unexpected happens
Cutting you deep
Everyone knows times heals all
But can leave ugly emotional scars
Will you then fall apart
Or become more you than you ever been
But if things stayed forever
The you that you are might have never been
Nothing last forever
If they did you might never endeavor
Comfortable that you’d always have time to someday endeavor
So you’d stay in one place forever
Never to go on that adventure
Love is precious because it doesn’t last forever
Love so intense in time
That it won’t matter forever
But maybe people will talk about it until a day short of forever
What’s so great about forever
I find the concept rather unclever
Not a word but it really doesn’t matter
As long as I could spend time
You and me together
If things lasted forever then let the good times roll
But if things lasted forever where do the bad times go?
It’s far better to exist in forever for a limited time
Far worse to live forever to spite time



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