Brown sugar

Brown Suga
Hey baby I been missing you
I know I haven’t called in a while
But Im not trying to avoid you tho
The think me and you should have parted long ago
They say you’re no good for me
If I’m with you jobs won’t hire me
Or if they found out they’d fire me
They say you’ll lead me straight to a the gateway of a hoe named Snow White
Who’ll let me smack on all that junk
in her trunk
She’d become Wonder Woman
my heroin once she let me bite
she may appear attractive but they don’t understand,
her demeanor doesn’t appeal to me
I’m highly selective
I prefer my women wrapped in brown skin
A lot more sophisticated
Oh how’d I just wish to kiss your lips passionately
My brown sugar sweet as honey
You help me to remain calm
You just want to bring peace to mankind
They’ve soiled your name
And wish you infamy instead of fame
They call you satan’s dame
Victim blame
saying it was you that caused them to abuse you and do stupid things
how could they say these absurd things?
You are one of my favorite things
Like tea, a drink with jam a bread
Your name sounds like music to me
Think of all the songs you’ve bred
Babababababda is my favorite melody when I’m thinking of you
You got me baby eryka Badu
Not to mention you have deep roots
Sometimes you make little fidgety
but I’m excited by all the ideas you’re giving me
By the way you’re good at many things besides helping me to be happy
I not sure if any were cured by Jesus touch
But I’ve seen you work your magic and keep a child from having more epileptic seizures
You help to give sight to the blind
Relieved pain so a man could get back on his grind
Give much needed relief to those afflicted with stomach cancer
And there’s more evidence for you than that Jesus who claims that he is the answer
You are my muse
You Inspire me to write better rhymes
By thinking outside the lines
Not to mention you are versatile
If we used you more you could help heal the world




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