How arrogant the word blessed
Yea god choose you and forgot the rest
Humble in its intention
Yet arrogant in its mention
God choose to feed you
Although pounds you could stand lose a few
Never mind those kids who never had a decent meal
I guess if god has a plan then they got the short end of the meal deal
God helped you get approved for a new automobile?
But ignored the prayers of the little girl getting sold for an old mans thrill
is he just allowing her to grow strong?knowing he won’t put on more than she can bear
While grown men rip through her vagina and it tears
She screams louder is god listening to Her tears?
I guess
That’s just his mysterious ways
Hey You don’t know the mind of god watch what you say
You keep talking like that you won’t make it past today
Why are you angry at god?
Why did you stray?
I cannot be angry at that which does not exist
Your feelings of contempt just your cognitive dissonance
Your “answered” prayers just confirmation bias
Religion is nothing more than bad psychology
The subject of my degree
At one point each religion thought books were best used at 451 degrees
No you won’t see Jesus, Allah, Vishnu, or your nana when you die miss
It will look the same as when you normally close your eyes
Except your mind will be shut off
You will lack perception
You can’t grasp this because your mind lacks depth perception
Since you were a child faith was used as a misdirection
It’s used as a tool
a mental weapon
Playing on your natural brain misconceptions
With Faith You won’t rethink
We call this your belief instinct
It’s easy to fathom a creator
It takes time and effort to realize it’s just the universe there no one greater
Time is an illusion no such thing as eternity
You were forged by dying stars
Why don’t you burn with me


2 responses to “Blessed?

  1. Well put, with deep meaning for us all. As one who does rely on God’s mercy, I agree with you. Too many confuse what feels good with God’s blessing. They are truly missing the point, as you make clear. Thanks for sharing!


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