Life is a paradox

Life is a paradox
You can never be great if at first you don’t make great mistakes
That life
The stench of death is everywhere
Like the beautiful leaves in fall
Or on the breath of the chain smoker
Because death craves to taste life
And life yearns to experience death
But when they meet one will meet its defeat
Something is either born or dies
No ties
That’s life
When we stub our toes and cry out goddammit!!
The atheist will all of a sudden believe
And hope God curses the wretched thing
While the believer use the lords name in vain and blasphemes
That’s life
There will be those that love you
Others who hate you
But most won’t even remember you
Except that old lady you spoke to on the bus one day
Although you don’t remember her
The smile you gave her for listening will be your name
That’s life
Family will be unfamiliar
While friends will call you brother
That’s life
There will be a love who moves on but it won’t make you frown
Although when they first left it turned your world upside down
You will realize the world is round so your feet have always been on solid ground
That’s life
There will be people who hurt you for no good reason
And people you hurt for the exact same reason
That’s life
You will realize there are only two season
Winter gradually grows into summer
And summer slowly dies into winter
A cycle that goes on for eons
Of course nothing last forever
That’s life
Before you are old and wise
You must first be young and stupid
That’s life
To be a good person you must be kind and selfless
But to survive you must sometimes
Be cold and ruthless
That’s life

Photo Sebastian eriksson


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