I want to penetrate you
I want to go deep
I want to know the secrets inside
Maybe your walls will contract
I hope I make it out alive
You see other men have tried
Until they’ve run you dry
Maybe even been inside
But I want to take you on an adventure
are you down to ride?
Seduce me until I beg for more
Can you give it to me whenever?
I promise you’d never had one better
Every time I’ll be the best ever
Get your mind out of the gutter
Of course I can get you wetter
But I’m talking about opening your mind
I want to know your secrets if you don’t mind
You don’t even have to show me your Victoria secrets
I know other men have run your emotions dry
But let me break down those walls give me a try
Don’t break my heart with those walls
I’d like to make it out alive
I want to go on an adventure
So I hope your down to ride
This isn’t about sex, or making love
This is about opening your mind
On your shoulders above


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