Sex Slave

My tears aren’t silent you just ignore them
I cry everyday, I can’t cry at night because that’s the time to please men
My pain runs deeper than a grown mans penis inside my 10 year old vagina
I am a slave from Africa, America, Germany, and china
My body is their game
And they feel no shame
They come from miles
The pedophiles
I perform faltio
I’m their little hoe
I am just there for them to get a quick nut
To make them feel powerful
While my captors profit off of me and don’t give me a cut
I live in the slums of India, in the mansions of Russia, and next door to you in Atlanta
I am a daughter and sister
I don’t know what love is
Maybe this is the best there is
Day after day I lie with these men
It’s the only time I’m told I’m pretty
It’s the only time I feel needed
I have no kin
They sold me into this life
to pay the bills for another month
There are many of us hidden in plain site
and hidden out of sight
I am a tool for pleasure
I have no rights
I’m 11 and already have had 3 stds
And not to mention almost had a baby at 13
I don’t know what it is to trust or give myself freely
And in this life I will die likely
Never knowing anything else
Never knowing what it means to own myself
But my cries are loud
You just chose to ignore
My cries are loud please don’t ignore anymore



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