Sexy blasphemy

Sexy Blasphemy (video)
Many men want a proverbs 31 girl
But I can tell the way we doing it your no amateur
So its more like pro-verbs 69 girl
Cause when I 8 something you lost your cool and decided to become square
Sorry if I sound a little immature
I’m suprised I got this far, girls usually telling me “go home Roger” before I can even knock on the door
And right now you looking thicker than tamara, and as pretty as your uncles wife, I heard you call her tia
Sorry for the spanglish I usually speak english but the “r’s” roll better on the clit when your accents Hispanic
Ya ass more fat than a ham, and I’m not talking mia
But when we kickin it I got 90 minutes to score the winning goal
So that when we finished you celebrating with ya shirt off
They say real men pray,
so I guess im not a real boy
Which means part of me is wood
Which only grows when you in my bed lying. ..ass up face down…had to catch my breathe got the mental picture
Oh yea I was supposed to be quoting scripture
But instead im using my tongue to write scriptures on ya body like a biblical sage
But unlike the sage i can see your anticipation to turn the next page
Im a gental man so I’ll love you gently
You’ll never have to submit to me like Timothy
Well you can submit but that’s only if you nasty
I like a girl that curse a little it shows me shes real and only adds to hear appeal
Besides how im I supposed to know if im hitting it right if you’re not screaming oooh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! When im hitting it..right
The bible say with me don’t be unequally yoked
Because the fool says there’s no god, so im nothing but a joke
So god’s blocking the poke
But maybe you still want to so that makes me forbidden fruit
No im not gay im straight, and her hole is narrow
Yaweh’s eyes are on the sparrow
So I guess we making porn
Cuz I know he watches we
But I don’t take faith seriously
Let’s connect to each other more real than spiritually
So let’s connect emotionally and intellectually
If you can’t tell I’m a sapiosexual
I find intelligence sexy



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