Our love was non fiction
She was my addiction
My cocaine
When she left I wanted to
Kurt cobain
That’s how much I felt the pain
Life was cloudy
I was feeling the heavy rain
Poetry my therapy
I’m no longer feeling pain
I use it to get high
just like paper planes
Poetry is my new dame
I don’t play with her this not a game
I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks
Cuz from time to time
i get high with the girl next door
My best friend
Mary Jane
Im Peter Parker I’m kinda lame
I’m spider man I’m amazing
We not same
She feeling my poetry
If she say yes we’ll go together floetry
I’m a wild bull, but my heart’s tame
But its locked up in a cage
To open it I’ll need a sage
I’ll write my wrongs in a song
Poetic justice
Don’t kill my vibe bitch
Girl just like janet
These words Are my bitch
And because of my extensive vocab your girl prolly on my dick
She want me to recite poetry on her clit
She want a man that use praying hands
But the only hands that pray on me is my tattoo
My thoughts are so taboo
Put me on your team in taboo
You don’t know me even if I gave you all the clues
you still couldn’t guess who
Your mental is nick jr. Give them a clue blue


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