Live Right Now: be Yourself

Happiness comes from within, do not seek it without.- the Buddha

Growing up as part of the millennial generation (a.k.a Generation Y) has given me an expectation that I could be more, do more, and have more. These unfulfilled desires and unrealistic expectations, always made me unhappy. As products of the age of technology we use social media to broadcast our lives. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are used as much to distort one’s life as they are to communicate with one another; leaving some “friends” to feel inferior or unfulfilled because their lives seem less exciting. This feeling of inadequacy drove me to many poor decisions in an effort to find “happiness.” I became even more self-centered in my attempt to “keep up with the Kardasians.” I changed jobs, homes, schools, friends, and hobbies; in effect my lifestyle. This provided me a sense of happiness, albeit brief, and offered a feeling of worth.

In a 2013 article entitled “Why Generation…

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