Jesus, Allah, Yaweh they ain’t my gods
The way my toes slant there’s Egyptian in my blood
No I don’t bow down to aman-Ra
But it possible there’s a pharaoh my blood
I was probably royalty in my tribe
Then I was captured by another African brother
Who sold me to another
Like I wasn’t his brother
They sent me over seas
Some of those sharks Feed some of us to sharks, in those seas
Raped my sister and mixed our blood up
Washed me, and shackled me up
And put me on the auction block
Washed me and shined me up to raise my stock
I was brought then whipped up
They beat me until my only option was to call Jesus name
That’s the only time they’d stop the pain
Forced to raise my children to worship his name
They named me Toby
And gave me one of their last names
I still have the scars in my DNA
I live in the hood
A modern day plantation
In America this so called free nation
They changed my mentality
Made me hate my previous nationality
And deny the fact that I am godly
But in the tree of life I am the roots
They come from me, I didn’t come from them
So iam their god
Greed caused their hearts to become scared
They turned their back on me
The reason they are “blessed” is due to slavery
And underhand trickery
They promised me heaven after death
But stole my heaven Africa
Raped her plundered her and now she’s close to death
I am her savior
I am also my own redeemer
You call me a dreamer but so were Martian and Malcolm before there fatality
It’s time to make their dreams a reality
You continue to pray and live on your knees
But my tribe was warriors we fight on our feet
stand courageous and fearless and our enemy defeat
Until they are bowing once again at our feet
They envy us and our history that is deep
Please stand up my people on two feet
For you are gods and goddess
You damn sure ain’t sheep
Or cattle to be sold
Branded with chains plated in gold
Diamonds on your neck stolen from our people
And to you resold
My statements are bold
But the truth is cold
I can not break your chain
You must do that yourself
Don’t feed into fear or doubt of self
Once your start believing in you
They’ll say there’s a devil in you
Try to keep you chained
In your jailed brains
So that you’ll forever be chained
Until ourself no longer remain
Stand up people it’s time for our reign
It’s time again to become kings and queens



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