Definition of Beauty

I feel euphoric, in fact lovely
For I have discovered the standard of beauty
your image is the definition
Painting your picture with words
Is my humble mission
Stars twinkle every night with jealousy
Trying to match your eyes intensity
Every dawn they submit to your deep brown eyes
As another star tries at sunrise
Attempting to inmate the color of your lips at dawn
It’s almost as warm as your smile by noon
By dusk it knows it won’t beat you anytime soon
Out comes a full moon
This month It lost to you twice
Now it’s a blue moon
There’s not a silk as fine as your hair
Please don’t look away as I stare
When the universe created you
It didn’t play fair
I have yet to taste a candy as sweet as your caramel skin tone
Don’t underestimate my undertones
Open wide so I can take in your mind
I love your thoughts
I hope you don’t mind
You’re like a dream
Alone in my mind
So in reality you’ll never be mine


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