My name is Keith, or Muad’dib if you prefer. For years I struggled with anger and self acceptance and after a fit of angry rage in which I tried to kill myself nearly 3 years ago I discovered a love of writing and reading. It gives me a safe way to express all that encompasses my mind.
I am an aspiring novelist working on completing a novel by the summer, a lay philosopher, and poet. I have a published book of poetry, two-faced
My aim for blogging is to share myself with the world and fans, so they have a better understanding of me. I write about everything from love, race, social injustice, and religion. Some of my writing will be offensive to some but that is not my intention. I wish you all happy reading. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Add me on Twitter @KeithMuad_Dib

Instagram @_Muad_Dib


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